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Please share about the product you are working on?

I have been working for team Upheads, project UpTime, for nearly 8 months. To be more specific, this can be seen as a web application about ERP & logistics, which is applied in business management related to human resources, internal management, accounting, commerce, and other businesses related to logistics.

Which elements of the project interest you most?

My greatest appreciation is that the client is always open and ready to go with new ideas. They also comprehend the workload assigned and encourage self-discipline, so they do not even set deadlines. Yet, everyone stays focused and always gets the tasks done as soon as possible. In Restaff, the client is a companion, I do not feel like I am “working for” them, I am actually “working with” them. I think this absolutely is a unique advantage of Restaff that cannot be found in other workplaces.

In addition, my team and I get along really well, I would say. We often stay late after work to play PES, Counter-Strike, and table football. At the break, we would gather around to have some snacks and chit chat. Despite being the youngest member in my team, I not only encounter no obstacles in communication with other coworkers but also think that I can easily talk with everyone in the company. All those things make me comfortable and happy with my job!

How about your difficulties at work?


When I first joined the project, everything was new, which got me under pressure, so I tried to put a lot of effort into the duty. Actually, I think the pressure just came from me myself, while my teammates were always trying to create the most comfortable space for the newcomer.

Once I felt something wrong with my health, due to straining myself. I decided to reschedule my timeline. At the moment, I spend more time on my own, self-study English, hang out, travel, and seek new experiences. I think it is necessary to refresh myself and gain a good work-life balance.

Another difficulty is to discuss with the client about issues in the job. Since some of them are not programmers, I always try to explain the issues from the view of the end-user, in a simple and understandable way of speaking, or patiently repeat the explanation until the client finally gets my points. I think it is quite interesting, and it is also one of the characteristics of my job.

How do you think about your teammates?

In Restaff, everyone always tries to create an equal environment, with no role differences or manager-staff feeling. I think this is an advantage in company culture since everyone works together, the only difference is just one's responsibility and tasks.

There are 13 people in my team, with both young mates of my age and older ones - 8x and early 9x generation. Everyone gets along very well regardless of the age gap. Sometimes I joke so much that I even forget honorifics. They are super supportive as well and willing to spend time for some on-the-job training in spite of the heavy workload. Therefore, I can learn a lot from this sharing culture.

What is your most memorable experience during your time in Restaff?


It was more than 1 year ago when I started the job. My previous project was put off due to the pandemic, hence, a redundancy was noticed and just the team leader was kept as the only resource. Restaff then arranged me for interviews with other teams, that was why I am in Upheads. Despite understanding the common situation and unavoidability, I was quite sad to say goodbye to the old team honestly.

At that very moment, the way the client treated me made me, even more, respect them. Until now, we still stay in touch. During that project, they always showed their appreciation for my effort. I am happy and proud that my attempt is recognized!



As one of the youngest members of Restaff, Tiến is the representative of the new, enthusiastic, and talented generation of developers. It is not hard to find in this man a strong progressive spirit and high responsibility for the job. To this young developer, bliss in work is that his contribution is well-recognized by both teammates and clients.  


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