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What is your business expertise?


CodeIT is an innovative company with extensive expertise in industrial identification, labeling, and tracing. We provide advanced software solutions for Industrial Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AutoID/AIDC) systems. CodeIT’s products offer clear, technological, financial, and operative advantages to our customers.

What were the main challenges and concerns you had when deciding on an outsourcing partner?

In order to tailor products and services to meet the required specifications of our customers, our developers are often asked to perform additional functions; from being operational technical support to sales. This sometimes gets messy and unintentionally creates internal turmoil within our organization. We realized we were heading this way and one of our core internal challenges at the time was how to best utilize our in-house resources. We addressed this challenge by re-organizing and hiring more staff. Our goal was to better define the job functions of our existing personnel while at the same time still being able to perform the additional work requirements. By choosing Restaff as our offshoring partner, we found the resources needed to meet our organizational goals. We gained the competitive advantage we were looking for and achieved one of our strategic goals; to attract and retain high competence in-house plus access to an additional skilled workforce to preserve the high level of service to our customers. We managed to balance the workload of our workforce to meet the requirements of the market. CodeIT has established an optimal & well-functioning organization with highly qualified teams in Norway & Vietnam.

Why did you choose Restaff as an outsourcing partner?


As a businessperson, I believe in slow and steady expansion. One of the risks and consequences is to lose sight and connection to your customers. We highly value our connection to Restaff and their ability to listen to our needs. We do wish all the best for our partners, as we do for Restaff. I would recommend them as a solid offshoring partner without any reservations – simply because we are very satisfied with the delivery, concept, and solutions offered.

What are the advantages of working with Restaff?


  • Access to skilled and talented professionals as required.

  • Business continuity is a priority for us. Restaff pride themselves by being a company with many Norwegian values. They believe in investing in their employees and creating a great place to work. Restaff has over the years shown a lower turnover rate than similar companies in Vietnam.

  • There is a big demand for professionals in this field in Norway. Scarcity leads to higher labor costs. Therefore, I’m pleased and very satisfied to know that it is possible to access the top qualified workforce elsewhere for a reasonable asking price. It is a healthy competition viewed in a global context.

How has your organization benefited?


Our partnership with Restaff has been significant because the choice has led us in the right direction as we seek to create a more balanced workforce.

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