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What is your business expertise?


Our Onix Work solution provides owners, inspectors, and suppliers an all-in-one software to manage both offshore and onshore equipment. Onix Personnel help manage complex human resource operations for the oil and gas industries.

What were the main challenges and concerns you had when deciding on an outsourcing partner?


The oil and gas labor market are characterized by the highs and lows of oil prices. Following the peak oil prices of 2008, we found ourselves looking to recruit in a not so competitive job market. Candidates would sometime use our offer to get a better offer elsewhere! We simply had a difficult time finding the candidates with the right skills, for the right price. This was our main motivator to outsource.

We found Restaff through a Norwegian newspaper and reached out to one of their current customers (Netpower) for reference. After the initial engagement, we were convinced that our new team of 3 developers and Restaff was the right fit.

What are the advantages of working with Restaff?


Martin Tran (General Manager) is a Norwegian Vietnamese. He understands our culture and business practices. It is a competitive advantage to have somebody in place who understands both and acts as a bridge.

How has your organization benefited?


After our negative experience in India, we have learned that low turnover and retaining talent is a priority. Both our team in Stavanger (11 members) and Vietnam (16 members) work closely together using SCRUM methodology. Our development managers visit Vietnam 2 times a year to work closely with their team. This year, our Vietnam team leader has visited and worked with us in Stavanger. This is perhaps one of the most beneficial and rewarding parts of the relationship.

Would you choose to recommend Restaff as an outsourcing partner?


Yes, I frequently recommend their services.

We are satisfied with the delivery, solutions, and agreement we have with Restaff.

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