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Our clients have different needs which may change from time to time. Restaff can build teams for both small scale and big scale. Here's how it works:

Hire us this month

  • If you hire us this month, we will get to work immediately by putting together the right team of software developers based on your specific requirements in terms of technical and business skills.

  • The best developer you can afford is not always the best fit. We look for technical abilities but also organizational fit in terms of soft skills, work habits, and willingness to learn. Clients reserve final approval rights on all recruitment decisions

How long will it take?

  • Our usual engineering interview and vetting process take ~2 weeks. If a candidate accepts our employment offer then the standard required notice for their current employer is 30 days.

  • We understand that great teams are not built overnight. Our business analyst and technical team leaders will start the process by meeting with the clients to fully understand their requirements. It is important that we understand the client's business model, in addition to the product that needs to be worked on. Restaff will assist with the initial build-up period to help teams get up to speed effectively​.

  • You will not incur any fees until your team starts working for you.

What if I change my mind?

  • We wouldn’t want you to leave us so we will do our best to make sure you are 98% confident that we are the right fit.  Our business built around open and positive communication. We will walk you through each step of Restaff's offshore development model.

  • Our agreement is transparent and plainly worded so there are no surprises. If you are not completely satisfied, no administration fees will be charged.



Many businesses experience problems with invoices from their suppliers being late, incorrect, and/or unclear.

At Restaff we bill our services accurately and on time each month. The invoice will include a clear description of payroll and service fees according to our service agreement. We fully understand how our client values clarity and ethical standards very high. When working with Restaff, clients can be assured we share those similar values.

Restaff – House of Norway has been offering dependable and affordable offshore software development services to customers worldwide since 2008

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