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Every client wants to quickly ramp up their offshore team to push their product to market on time or simply meet urgent internal deadlines. One proven factor for success has been the encouragement and empowerment of the offshore team to be included in the ownership of the project (product) they are working on. From day one, we encourage members of your newly formed team to not only identify themselves with your organization but to also align with larger overall business goals as established by your organization.

It is crucial as a client that you should interact with each individual team member in order to build a team morale and a team cohesion. Great teams are not built in one week. Restaff will continually support you by facilitating communication and team building activities to serve towards this goal.



Getting Started


Our business analyst and technical team leaders will join with your product owner to fully understand the requirements for the client's team. It is important that we understand both our client’s business model & the product(s) that needs to be worked on.

  • What are your product and business?

  • Budget.

  • Timeline.

Hiring Process


Restaff will screen and hire the right software developer based on your requirements. The client then may choose their level of involvement from resume screening to actual in-person interviews.

  • It will take 4 to 6 weeks to hire depending on experience.

  • The client makes final hiring approval.

  • Restaff takes on the responsibility for contracts and payroll.

Team Building


The client will work directly with their newly formed team members, while Restaff will assist in establishing a team management structure based on our experiences and industry best practices. Clients reserve final decision making at all levels.

  • Overall system architecture.

  • Project management.

  • Team member responsibilities and goals.



We recommend that you establish trusted communicators for your onsite and offsite teams because communication is a key to creating an efficient and effective offshore team. By establishing frequent communication with the development team whether onsite or offsite, clients will be able to keep track of the project progresses and provide feedback as well as any changes if necessary.

In cross-functional teams, Restaff has found that having one person for each offsite and onsite location is the best way to approach remote software development. The encouraging communication between each member as well as with clients on a regular basis will greatly and positively impact the work. Our business consultants will help prepare teams to communicate with the implementation of tools such as: Asana, Slack, Trello, InVision, and Jira. This is an ongoing process and Restaff is there all the way to provide assistance as each client development team figures out which method is best for their style of management and collaboration.

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