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What is your business expertise?


A picture is worth 1000 words. We provide an illustration tool for the oil and gas industry to visualize in a clear and precise way how their wells are safeguarded. We are a market leader in providing this software.

What were the main challenges and concerns you had when deciding on an outsourcing partner?


Our software development was originally performed by another company based in Sandnes. Eventually, our requirements became beyond what the company could deliver so we had to look for a new provider. I was introduced to Restaff via a business associate. We initially set aside a challenge for Restaff to determine their capabilities. I decided that it was best to have them prove their technical abilities by solving a hard problem first versus giving them an easy pilot project. The task was to address one of the main architectural issues that we were having and one which needed a creative solution.

What are the advantages of working with Restaff?


It has to do with people. The developers at Restaff have working with us take pride in doing good work and have ownership over their product. There is a good relationship between the Vietnam team and the development manager back in Sandnes. Communication is key. We talk daily with our team in Vietnam. We visit and work at the Restaff office 3 times a year (each time for 2 weeks). Their General Manager, Martin Tran also visits us in Norway to listen and work through any issues that the project may have. Martin’s background is business is very assuring for us. The dialog is open and constructive. The way he has managed to merge the Norwegian and Vietnamese way of doing business is effective. We are very much on the same page and there is security in knowing this.

How has your organization benefited?


We started out with a team of 3 developers. Currently, we have a dedicated development manager and 11 team members based in Vietnam. I think a mixture of having the right people in place and some luck has been very beneficial for our company.

Would you choose to recommend Restaff as an outsourcing partner?


Of course, unless they are our competitors J I’m happy to see that they are open and asking for constructive feedback. I’m happy with our relationship.

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