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Please share with us a little bit about your work?


I started my journey at Restaff in early 2019. I am in charge of Intranet for CodeIT - a client of Restaff. At the same time, I support the CodeIT team with new technologies. Generally, my tasks are quite diverse.

What are the obstacles you usually face in this job?


I face 2 common obstacles. One is feedback from end-users. Sometimes they are too busy, so it takes them quite a long time to send me their feedback. Therefore, further development for functions or a new version would somehow slow down. The other was technical issues. I must deal with unpredictable problems quite often. After a few times, I am able to solve those issues easier now.

Which elements of the working interest you?

At work, I am able to openly create, discuss, and develop my own ideas with the team.

How do you think about your teammates?

They are open and super supportive to help each other to finally come to a common voice in work. We also chit-chat and have snacks together every day so the work atmosphere is always friendly and comfortable.


What do you like most about Restaff?


My career orientation and development are determined and strongly supported at Restaff. I shared my tech-career plan with the leader and got approval and support from him. I am really glad about that honestly! Restaff has always stayed by my side on my career path. Apart from the classes provided to workers, I recently proposed to take part in a Project Management course, and luckily my proposal was accepted by CodeIT (client) itself. The course provided knowledge to control a project and helped me understand deeper about processes.

Besides, The “Loyalty” policy is one of my favorites. Let's say, one annual leave will be added after every year working for the company or a sponsor package for a family trip or eat out will be sent to Restaff staffs based on their working time.


In addition, facilities are new and modern, which greatly facilitates me in work.

As a senior in the field of IT. What would you advise young people following an IT career path?

Love your work! Make sure you do love your work, so that you could enjoy going to the office every day; otherwise, life is a vicious circle, you then soon get bored.

Because of the nature of the technology field, as developers, we must keep on learning and growing, both expertise and soft skills.

And last but not least, a good attitude is always prioritized in the workplace, since attitude does determine action. Therefore, I expect that the newbie would be open to connect with every other member in team activities and work hard with a can-do spirit. Just with that everyone would be willing to open with you back.



Nam joined the Restaff family when he achieved certain accomplishments in his career path, he brings a very different story towards conquering a tech-career. He made a good impression on others thanks to his humorous and sincere sharings about his own plan for his life as well as points of view towards a developer career path.

You can read Nam's sharing below!


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