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Which brought you Restaff?

At that time, I was looking for a stable job with a good work-life balance to take care of my family. A company with Norwegian culture made me curious, as there were not many IT enterprises in Vietnam working with Scandinavian partners back then. After further research, I realized that the client is in the petroleum field, which was a new business for me. Then I decided to give myself a try.

What do you like about your job?

I really enjoy the work-life balance I can find at Restaff. I rarely work overtime because the team always sets an achievable, logical plan, and stays focused from the beginning of every product feature. You go on the right track, with the right plan, you make it to the goal at the right time. My team always tries our best to complete every task on time, without overtime working. It creates a kind of company culture: avoid OT and enjoy your time. The last person leaves the office before 7 pm and this ensures that everyone is fully recharged for the next day.  Thanks to that I can earn more time for my family and my personal plans.


I consider missions from the client ‘opportunity’ and ‘challenge’ at the same time. I find myself growing after managing to handle the challenges.


Regarding Norwegian clients, they are active and friendly. They are close to everybody and make absolutely no client and the team gap. I am also impressed by their cool fashion style despite their middle age. 


The more I commit to this job, the more I get interested in Norwegian culture. Given a chance, I would definitely go on a business trip to Norway!

How do you think about your teammates?

Everyone is open-minded, well connected. The afternoon break is always the time for us to gather and chit chat. When it comes to work, everyone is super supportive and always ready to help. We work as a team, we enjoy as a team, we reach the goal as a team. I think this is an amazing type of company culture that has been maintained in Restaff for so long.


Which keep you at Restaff in these 4 years?


It is surely the work-life balance I can find here at Restaff. Since getting married, I have new priorities and plans besides working. So, it is such a big luck to me to find out a place where I can balance these 2 important factors of my life! I am now assured to dedicate to the company as well as take good care of my little family.


Additionally, I do appreciate fairness in employee evaluation in my team. There are evaluations among staff, evaluation of the manager to each team member, and also client evaluation, which nicely reflects the abilities of each person from different views. This kind of staff evaluation is hard to find in many other workplaces.

Speaking of clients, the relationship between Restaff and its client is pretty good, thanks to years of cooperation in a big product. The 2 sides always have a mutual understanding and a common voice in work.

Last but not least, I am satisfied with the benefits of the company. There are frequent series of company bonding activities and holidays, both Vietnamese and Norwegian holidays: Eastern, Norway National Day, Christmas, Last day of the year, Tet. There is also a long list of helpful courses that I can take to improve my expertise.



Bảo Anh - Automation Engineer in WellBarrier team - attracts others' attention thanks to his calm and mature characteristics, combined with genuine and humorous sharings. 4 years ago, when looking for a long-term position, Bảo Anh stopped at Restaff and has been associating with the firm until today. At this moment, he is happy with his life since he can be with teammates and take good care of his little family at the same time.


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