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JOIN OUR MISSION IN OPTIMIZING REMOTE STAFFING SERVICES AROUND THE WORLD – by delivering high-quality results through an efficient and professional commitment in software development and offshore software outsourcing services.

Restaff – House of Norway is a well-established software development center founded in 2007, which has offices both in Norway and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our core business is to set up and manage different software teams building products for global clients. We currently operate around 100 employees across various software development teams for Norway, Singapore, and the US.

We are now growing, both externally and internally. Due to this expansion, we are so excited to announce that we are searching for a new member to our Restaff family - more specifically




  • Who is motivated by the thought of being able to influence our company’s process for growth.

  • Who is human-focused and driven by the possibility to affect and improve another person's path, both career-wise as well as on a personal level.

  • Who proudly have achieved a bachelor's degree and have at least 3 years of working experience.

  • Who might already have some Tech related experience or at least have a personal interest in the field, but is maybe today working as a tech lead, team lead, recruiter, or something even more creative as a marketing specialist or blogger/influencer.

In other words - we are looking for the right person with the correct motivation, the right qualifications, and then the right experience – in that order!


Hopefully, you are a person that is intrigued by the thought of being responsible for the development of our business culture through fun, meaningful, and learning activities as well as acting as a trusted resource for our employees and management team by taking lead regarding implementations, administrations, and maintenance of our company’s different HR programs.


With the help of your fantastic HR Team members, you will together as a unit manage the entire employee life cycle which includes Talent Acquisition, onboarding, HR Technology, and compliance.

As the HR Manager, you will take lead and be a core member in establishing and conveying new ideas that can optimize Restaffs culture through being creative and proactive as well as being well structured and organized through having great planning skills.


  • An influential role in a respected and fast-growing top IT company in Vietnam with big and exciting plans for the journey onwards!

  • A possibility to shine in a potentially new position from what you are used to, but that you always have thought you would excel in!

  • An exciting and flexible workplace with great energy, understanding, and compassion from your colleagues and leaders.

  • A company that willingly invests in their most valuable resources, which is the people, through fair but highly attractive salaries.

  • A company that values fundamental faith in human beings, openness, and trust.

  • An employer that focuses on the working environment, fellowship, cooperation, and an outstanding balance between life and work!

If you are up for the challenge and have a desire to work for an innovative, growing, and “future-focused” company with a leadership who is supporting and motivating, as well as being surrounded by engaging and competent team members, then we want to hear from you!

Let us know in your cover letter how you picture how you as a person together with your skills can make an impact at Restaff.

Get to know how we get on the top 15 IT Companies in Vietnam by following this link:

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