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  • We have Microsoft SQL databases on servers in many locations across the globe and some Azure SQL servers and databases.

  • We have a team of software engineers working with these databases, doing modifications, and installing applications utilizing its resources.

  • Databases are critical for our business continuity and that's why we are looking for an experienced and effective Database Administrator.

  • Here is the job for you:

    • Responsible for maintaining the integrity and performance of company and customer databases.

    • Supervise modifications to any existing database software to meet the needs of our SW Teams and customers.

    • Must guarantee that data is stored securely and optimally.

    • Inform SW Team of changes in databases and train them to utilize systems.

    • Ensure the security of company data.

    • Involve customer projects which include a part/the whole Database Life Cycle (DBLC) contains six phases, as shown in the following Figure: database initial study, database design, implementation and loading, testing and evaluation, operation, and maintenance and evolution.



  • At least 3 years’ experience in DBA for Microsoft SQL Servers and Azure SQL Servers.

  • Expert in database design, modeling, and optimization.

  • Proficient in database security, operations, maintenance, and deployment/roll-back on dedicated servers and in Azure.

  • Highly skilled in SQL, T-SQL, stored procedures, and triggers.

  • Highly skilled in performance tuning - analyzing query plans and query tuning, partitioning, optimizer hints.

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

  • Good communication in English required (the team is worldwide).

  • Good interpersonal skills.



  • Experience in working in production facilities, preferably F&B, FMCG.

  • Knowledge of Auto-ID and traceability systems.



  • Great salary package. Annual performance review.

  • 13th-salary Bonus for all staff.

  • 14th-salary Bonus for those who have worked for more than 5 years.

  • Premium Healthcare Insurance Package and Annual Health Check-up for all staff.

  • Loyalty Employee Benefit: all staff who have worked for more than 1.5 years will receive a package (VND 3mil, VND 5mil, VND 10mil)  EVERY year to go on a vacation, have a luxury meal, or enjoy a fancy service with family and friends.

  • Sponsor and encourage staff to study courses by covering tuition fee and examination fee, and give out a bonus for the certificate the staff gets.

  • Good career advancement opportunities.

  • Product-oriented. Agile project management style. Dynamic and English-speaking working environment.

  • Opportunity to acquire technical knowledge and experience in the latest technologies.

  • Opportunity to go work on-site in Norway.

  • At least 17 annual leaves.

  • Company trip, Year-End Party.

  • Friday Party, Salary Day Celebration, Teambuilding outdoor activities.

  • Free coffee (cappuccino, cafe latte, latte macchiato, etc), milk and juice. Kitchen and Library at work. Billards and darts are equipped for your enjoyment and convenience.

  • Working hours: 8 hours x 5 days/week (Monday to Friday). Thirty-min break at 4 PM every day.

  • Free language training: English (company-sponsored).

For inquiries about this vacancy, please contact the HR team at:

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