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Back in 2017, which brought you to Restaff?

Actually, my background was in finance and banking. Once scrolling Facebook, I randomly came across a piece of recruitment news from Restaff and decided to apply. Luckily, I got chosen and started as an HRM Assistant with the most basic admin tasks. Everything was absolutely new to me at that time. Then I was involved more in the recruitment process, company policies, and spent more time with development teams. Gradually I am used to my daily tasks as well as understanding different individuals and the nature of each team. It has been nearly 4 years since then and I hope this number to grow continuously. :D


What are the pressures and advantages when working in an environment where men outnumber women?

Pressures come from how to keep a great balance, fairness, and harmony in every work, no matter how big or small it is. In addition, communication is also a huge obstacle to overcome, since each person in Restaff is a totally different version, I must carefully arrange the ideas in order to avoid misunderstanding.
Also, since I am one of the very few ladies in the office, the men are really gentle and condescend to me, especially in daily communication!


How about your leadership style?


My teammates are free to take action, to fail, to contribute, and to redo. I always prioritize creating room for my teammates to take chances to explore their own abilities and get higher achievements.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

It exactly is the tiny daily moments when everyone shares and supports each other. As you know, IT people are quite quiet by nature, so the admin team frequently holds varied activities, such as happy hour, team building, picnic. sports events, or plays music in the pantry space to create really good vibes. It is such a significant success and happiness to the admin team to see everyone do enjoy and open on those occasions!


What sorts of policy, or activities does Restaff provide for employees to improve their skills or support individuals who face difficulties at work?

Restaff always encourage staff to better their knowledge by providing a list of training courses, both technical and soft skills. The list was discussed and unified by team leaders to pick out the most suitable courses for Restaff employees. There are 4 levels, the first 2 are basic ones. With classes of the first 2 levels, one just enrolls then takes a photo of the certificate to get a refund and bonuses. For the higher levels, an employee would need to sit with his leader for a consideration towards one’s suitable goals and time before starting to enroll. There is no limit for improvement at Restaff! An out-of-list course is also welcome to be proposed, as long as the employee finds it valuable to themselves and to the organization.

Since Restaff does not seek for the best, we seek for the most suitable, one who faces difficulties at work should not feel worried. As long as he is aware of his weak points and has a plan to cover them, they are always supported.



In 2017, when finance-banking was a desirable major, Vân made an adventurous decision in her career path, leaving her success in this field and struck out a new journey in human resources management. It turns out that this is a great step that she now gains many achievements as a team leader, here in Restaff.

Let’s listen to Vân’s sharings!


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