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Which brought you to Restaff?


My lecturer introduced me to an internship, then I am here. It was the first time Restaff held an internship program.

Please tell me about your 9-year journey in Restaff?


Starting the internship, I just knew little about expertises. But then, Restaff was very caring and supportive. The company provided me training courses to improve my skills. It was also very helpful and whole-hearted of the seniors to support me with daily tasks. The working atmosphere has always been friendly and comfortable, just like a family, so a newbie would find it easy to adapt to the new environment.

Which keeps you at Restaff during all this time?


It is definitely bliss to see the products work. With each product incremented, I feel proud of my contribution to the industry and the outcome meets the expectations of clients. I am over the moon when I hear them “Yeahooo” from the other side and see their contented face when the software smoothly works.


People of Restaff are exceptionally open-minded, both in work and in life. Look around! The interesting quotes on the walls are all made by us!


There are frequent team building activities and parties to connect staff. They work hard, they play hard! The manager really rocks and we all have a great time together. So, everyone is really close, like a true family, that just when I meet them, I feel joyful.


Additionally, I enjoy plenty of annual leaves. Since 1-day leave is added after every year, I have 18 up to now. There are many other days off during the year: Vietnam National Day, Norway National Day, Easter, Christmas, last day of the year. It is thrilling to have many days off!

How do you find yourself changed after 9 years?


A lot, I can say! My expertise and skills are significantly improved thanks to the support of the company and teammates. Besides, I also can learn from other teams and solve countless issues. The journey at Restaff turns me from a fresher to a Full-stack developer, who can solve almost every technical issue.


Instead of feeling timid as I used to, I am now more confident by far!



In July of the year 2012, the new graduate - Đặng Công Dũng struck out his very first internship at Restaff. Today, nothing can stop him from mastering the technical aspects. To this young man, the everyday joy of work is just to go along with his buddies throughout the products.

Listen to Dũng's story here!


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