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  • Onix is a platform that includes web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications... that enables suppliers, equipment owners, and workers, inspectors companies to work together.

  • Innovation and Quality are crucial and highly prioritized at Onix.

  • You can always look for more information here:

  • Look for the detailed Job Description and materials via the presentation HERE. Password: Restaff2021


  • Being the one who will be in charge of Product Owning, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, and Agile Software Development.​

  • Product Development:

    • Research and develop the Product Vision, Strategy, Needs, Priorities, and Opportunities with the Product Group members.

    • The new product can be an enhancement to the existing features or new features or new applications. It also includes redesigning/cleaning up/retiring some concepts before continuing to build on top of it.

    • Take ownership to research, benchmark, analysis and find the solution.

    • Design, prototyping using wireframe and mockup.

    • Discuss, clarify, and present the solution in collaboration with the Product Group.

    • Do product backlog refinement in the shape of Epics and Features.

    • Researching more about Azure DevOps work items definition.

  • Product Backlog Refinement and Management:

    • Write the specification in the shape of Epics, Features, and PBI.

    • Be able to define the scope of these work items following the INVEST mnemonic.

    • Keep the product backlog up to date with the current, upcoming, and unplanned releases.

    • Make sure the Product Backlog is accessible, consistent, transparent, and reliable for all stakeholders during the development.

  • Delivery Planning: Work with development team leader on trade-off, release scope, and delivery planning.

  • Agile Software Development:

    • Host the Product Backlog Refinement meeting with the development team.

    • Act as the bridge between the onshore and offshore teams.

    • Clarify the requirement with the development team from different points of view.

    • Ease communication among internal team members.

    • Consult the priority and clarification during Sprint Plannings.

    • Be available for clarification from the development team during the sprint.

    • Keep track of the progress and communicate any change to the sprint when it arises.

    • Review the development increment to provide early feedback to the team if any.

    • Take part in the sprint review. Leading the discussion, collecting feedback as an update to the product backlog.

  • Process Improvement: Keep on learning and retrospect to improve the process of product development.


  • The most important skills to succeed in this position:

    • Possessing professionalism combined with excellent communication skills using English and Video conference.

    • The ability to express ideas clearly with structure and effectiveness.

    • Self-organization with multitasking skills.

    • Facilitation, adaptability, and flexibility.

    • Logical thinking and critical thinking.

    • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    • Taking ownership, initiatives, and being proactive both listener and learner.

    • Having supportiveness and a team player mindset.

    • Being detail-oriented and capable of delivering a high level of accuracy.

    • Product Backlog management system: Jira or Azure DevOps.

    • Wireframe/Mockup/Prototype: any tool like Figma, Balsamiq, Adobe XD.



  • Great salary package. Annual performance review.

  • 13th-salary Bonus for all staff.

  • 14th-salary Bonus for those who have worked for more than 5 years.

  • Premium Healthcare Insurance Package and Annual Health Check-up for all staff.

  • Loyalty Employee Benefit: all staff who have worked for more than 1.5 years will receive a package (VND 3mil, VND 5mil, VND 10mil)  EVERY year to go on a vacation, have a luxury meal, or enjoy a fancy service with family and friends.

  • Sponsor and encourage staff to study courses by covering tuition fee and examination fee, and give out a bonus for the certificate the staff gets.

  • Good career advancement opportunities.

  • Product-oriented. Agile project management style. Dynamic and English-speaking working environment.

  • Opportunity to acquire technical knowledge and experience in the latest technologies.

  • Opportunity to go work on-site in Norway.

  • At least 17 annual leaves.

  • Company trip, Year-End Party.

  • Friday Party, Salary Day Celebration, Teambuilding outdoor activities.

  • Free coffee (cappuccino, cafe latte, latte macchiato, etc), milk, and juice. Kitchen and Library at work. Billards and darts are equipped for your enjoyment and convenience.

  • Working hours: 8 hours x 5 days/week (Monday to Friday). Thirty-min break at 4 PM every day.

  • Free language training: English (company-sponsored).

For inquiries about this vacancy, please contact the HR team at:

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