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Build your own team

Clients have full authority on staffing. Client onsite and offsite team members are key decision-makers at all levels. By establishing your own offshore team with Restaff, you will have more control over your software engineering process and resources.


Scalable Resources

With increased development demand, Restaff can increase your software engineering resources to respond directly to your needs. During off-peak periods, the client has the ability to scale down their team accordingly. This flexibility allows clients to match their engineering input to their delivery capability for maximized company profits.


International Management

Clients will work directly with their newly formed team members. Restaff will assist in establishing a team management structure based on our experience and industry best practices. Clients reserve final decision making at all levels. 


Offshore Pricing

At Restaff we bill our services accurately and on time each month. The invoice will include a clear description of payroll and service fees according to our service agreement. We understand that our clients value clarity and ethical standards very highly. When working with Restaff, clients can be assured we share those values.

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We work hard to find the right and the high-tech skilled staff that meets your business needs whether it would be a short-term project with one staff member or a long-term engagement with an entire team. We always strive to be useful.


We are passionate and committed to our work and solutions that we provide.

We continuously look for new and innovative ways to improve our own and client’s targets and beyond what everyone expects of us.


We believe building open and honest relationships with communication is key to creating a valuable work environment.


We love people with big dreams and goals in their lives because they inspire and excite their teammates, raising the bar for all of us.


We are dependable, not only for the outstanding development work we provide but also for how we carefully manage the relationships we provide within and outside the company.


We act with honesty and adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values.

We are accountable, open, and transparent in all that we do.



Restaff – House of Norway is a leading provider of custom software development services, offering clients the resources and expertise needed to establish an effective and productive development center. Established as a trusted partner in the industry in 2007, Restaff has a strong focus on delivering quality services. Through partnerships and collaborations with clients, the company is able to understand their specific needs and goals and provide customized solutions that meet their unique requirements. With its headquarter in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Restaff offers a unique global outlook on software development and testing, enabling clients to take their development efforts to the next level

Our values are important to us. They tell us about our behavior and our actions. Our values are based on a fundamental faith in human beings, openness, and trust. We believe that lasting values are created in a vibrant environment of motivated people.

The CEO is Giang Martin Tran. Martin is an economist by trade and speaks Norwegian, English, and Vietnamese fluently and also has extensive experience in setting up and operating businesses in Vietnam. Combined with Restaff management's 20 years of experience in software development in Norway, we can offer to you a progressive and completely secure process to establish a low-cost offshore software development team.


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Existed Clients


Talented IT Professionals




Bjørnar Torsnes


“As a businessman, I believe in slow and steady expansion. One of few risks and consequences when you do business from afar is losing the sight and connections with your customers. Thus, we highly value our connections with Restaff & their ability to listen to our needs.”

Onix CEO

Bernt Håvardsholm

CEO - Onix AS

“Martin Tran (General Manager) is a Norwegian Vietnamese businessman, who has a full grasps and experience of both cultures and business practices. It is truly a competitive advantage to have somebody in place who understands both these business factors and acts as a bridge.”

WellBarrier CEO

Tore Fjågesund

CEO - Wellbarrier AS

"Communication is key in business. We stay in touch with our team in Vietnam regularly and we keep our conversations open and constructive. Hence, it is safe to know that we are always on the same page.”

Imagine yourself surrounded by progressive minds and creative personas?

Want to feel at home in the workplace?


We sure do, and are always looking for new talent that does as well. 



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